Up in the sky


  • Creative Concept
  • Advertising Photography
  • Location Photography
  • Video
  • Studio Photography
  • Production


  • Australia
  • Sri Lanka


From pictures on the board of the airplane, over technical photo shootings to many, many location pictures taken all over the Sri Lanka. We have 20 projects with Srilankan airlines and count eighth year of our cooperation. We had to handle big productions, stressful time frames and even difficulties with photo technique due warm and humid weather.

Advertising pictures

Photo shooting in the “sitting” airplane is one of the most expensive. Every minute counts, so we had to plan everything into detail. All team was aboard, models prepared and several set ups in both business and economy class prepared. We lighted the plane to look like in the sky… and set! Would you say they look like they were created in several hours while the plane was sitting on the ground?

Industry Document

Some services SriLankan Airlines offers to other airlines are technical service, cargo or catering. We were entrusted to capture these services and to do so in not so technical way.

Destination Photography

Three months we have been crossing Sri Lanka from North to South.  Followed by production trucks we were picking the best looking nature views, sights, sporting places, or hotels to capture the very soul of this land. Our goal was to get all these travel highlights across the whole country and help to raise tourism.

Activities in SL

Romance, Shopping, Yoga, Business it all has importatnt role in Sri Lankan tourism.

Golf in Sri Lanka


The project so big as this one took dozen of people and many months of diligent planning. We had to think ahead and had all props, people and technique with us.